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More Than Just A Brokerage...

When we say Live Your Dreams™, this doesn’t only apply to our clients. At Realty WRX, we are committed to developing our agents’ market expertise, strategic thinking skills, and ability to perform at an elite level, all in order to achieve THEIR dreams. If you’re considering joining a team of true professionals that offers real support, the Realty WRX academy may be right for you. Passion, purpose, and the continuous pursuit of knowledge are our only core prerequisites, as that’s all you need to Live Your Dreams™.  Everything else can be taught.  As with our buying and selling approach, the 3-step WRX Process™ maps the road to success.


Within the Realty WRX Academy, the focus is on educating our team members, but it always starts by first understanding you, your goals, and your current situation/skillset. Within this phase, we also go deeper into the details behind what makes our brokerage work as a team of equals versus other real estate business models. Because we are a fully funded team, you will never be charged a single monthly fee. Lead generation is always free. There is always opportunity for career growth along with the professional guidance to get you where ever you want to go.


Based on where you’re at in your real estate career, and the future goals you’ve set for yourself, Realty WRX helps develop the ideal growth plan with you, ensuring you have all the tools and resources to get you there. It’s not hand holding, it’s empowering you to define your own future in this industry.

Simply put, we want to help everyone, from our clients to our agents, thrive – we just happen to buy and sell real estate.


Once in motion, our continued coaching, along with pre-determined progress milestones, keeps you on the path toward your goals. We care about your growth as much as you do, and know that within Realty WRX, our team of professionals offers unwavering support to guide you down the road to success.

“Our success does not make us great – our team does.”  – Tyler Brickle, Real Estate Agent

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    “Rule No. 1: Never lose money. Rule No. 2: Never forget rule No.1” – Warren Buffett